Ideally, wholesale shopping is meant for those starting a business or those who are already having an established business and looking for competitive sourcing possibilities. Hence, we would encourage prospective businessmen/women to shop with us. Be it a retail store or a small home based business, you can buy stock lots of Sarees, Kurtis, and much more from us, as per your requirement.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your first order has to be a Minimum purchase of USD2000/-. If your order is below this minimum threshold value, your order will not be processed.
  • After the first purchase, the minimum amount of the subsequent purchases has to be USD1000.
  • We launch new products everyday. You will need to visit us every few days to review the collections. Even if there are no mandatory purchase after the first transaction, we would advice you to do some transaction on regular interval to benefit your business.
  • To keep your wholesale terms active, you will however have to do a minimum transaction of USD7500 over a period of 12 months (1 year). The account will automatically get deactivated in case the minimum value is not met.
  • We will also be doing special schemes and offers on a regular basis. You would be intimated on this over mail, phone or voice mail on this. Our executives will always be at your service in case of any further clarification on the above process.

If you are interested in ordering, please get in touch with us : inquiry@touchnfeel.biz in for special prices.

Happy Shopping !!